Saturday, November 21, 2009

Debt collectors can suck it

Debt Collection Companies for credit cards are like the mafia but worse. At least you can reason with the mafia (their daughter is always getting married somewhere, right?). And they don’t farm out their goons to the damn middle east and call 20 times a day. I like to think that the mafia may break your knees but you’ll get some good pasta out of it and not have to listen to your name monstrously mispronounced as some poor English as a second language schmuck harasses you over debt that you can’t pay that they decided to charge eight thousand additional percent on.

I’ve had my share of run ins with debt collectors. I’m much heartier about it now as an adult (yes, I have decided that I am an adult now, see growing up tag in previous posts) and see that there are many mistakes I could have avoided and been tougher about.

I’m virtually out of my bad debt, it only took living in a city I pretty much hate and suffering job(s) I abhor for half a decade but I did it! Yay! And perhaps someday I should get together a really good post, or series of posts, about what I did and learned in hopes that it might help someone else.

The reason I’m on this topic is because one of my favorite websites had to go MIA because debt collectors cyber stalked my buddy and literally harassed them with their own blog words. Jebus. The mafia totally wouldn’t have played it like that. Wire a bomb to your car? Sure. Leave animal heads in your bed? Sure. But finding someone’s blog and exploiting it to collect money is a new unbelievable level of bullshit. I hope that no one I know and love, including my adored readers, and the network of wonderful people I know online, and anyone decent, ever has to deal with debt or struggle with debt collectors. And if they do I hope they aren’t harassed on such a personal level. I’m pretty sure that crosses a major line and it is too bad that as consumers we are still essentially powerless to stop such kinds of harassment from occurring. I mean, really, what can my friend do? File a complaint that will never get read about the companies crossing personal lines? Yuck. And Bah. And I’m sorry.

I’d totally send the mafia after the debt collector if I didn’t want to wind up owing the mafia a favor. Un-named favors always turn out bad.

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Sallyacious said...

That's horrible. I really feel for that person. And good for you for pulling yourself out of the hole. It's tough to do.