Saturday, November 14, 2009

Because Growing Up Isn't Hard To Do

I think I’m mixing phrases here, as the phrase I’m basing this tag on is actually “breaking up is hard to do”. That song is now stuck in my head and I could totally play if off like I meant to use that phrase because I’m breaking up with my childish ways or something but I’m not, and that would be a lie. Maintaining a youthful and vibrant attitude toward life, and yes, keeping even a bit of childishness, is a key component to growing up. Mixed phrases or not I’m keeping it because I like it. My blog, my tag. Suck it.

Clearly I’ve got the mature and respectful part of growing up going for me.

My early 20s were a mess. My mid 20s won’t trigger PTSD flashbacks but they weren’t anything to write home about either. Now, in my late 20s, and closing in on that next decade that seems scary in some ways but actually exciting in others, I find that I’m ready to start making conscious changes toward improving my life, building a real foundation (I need to make an IRA contribution before 30 damnit) and finding my adult identity. From simple things like cleaning out my high school clothes from my closet to bigger things like mapping out my career I plan to document such things under this tag for the next two years. I see examples of how to be young, how to be married, how to have kids, and how to date all in the blogging world but I never see examples of how people actually grow up.

By grow up I mean not eating fast food 3 times a day; I mean having clean clothes that actually fit and can be worn to work that don’t require last minute hem stapling, I mean having a car where the floor mats are visible and learning how to actually host a good party. I mean finding a hairstyle different from the one I wore in my 9th grade yearbook photo, a skin care regimen that combats clogged pores and wrinkles, friends that I can grow older and wiser with, and a damn pair of shoes that go from work to dinner without leaving me looking like a trucker or a prostitute.

Let’s see how this goes.

Starting with stopping some bad habits.

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