Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011: augh

The breakup is still relentlessly kicking my ass.

Luckily the universe decided to help me by distracting me to the point of insanity:

I was a maid of honor in an ex boyfriend's wedding (not this ex, a different one. who is gay).

My apartment was destroyed by smoke and water after the unit above mine had a fire. 6 units in all were destroyed.

A lady backed into my car.

Work is insane.

I'm surviving but heartbreak is an unbelievable bitch. I have a handle on it during the day, mostly, but the dreams I have to contend with leave me emotionally drained and crying by morning. I'd like to take a non-crying shower sometime soon in my new empty apartment but that is one milestone I have to keep hoping for as time passes.

I'm around, I'm heartbroken, I'm okay.


Anonymous said...

And yet, you keep coming back.

I have no idea why all these bad things keep happening to you, or to anyone, but I am glad to see you back, and surviving, if not thriving.

Do whatever it takes to find even a small piece of happiness every day and keep on keeping on. As hard as it is to see it now, things will get better. Internet wishes for better things headed your way, for what its worth.


Anonymous said...

oh my shit, you win for worst start of the year. I'm so very sorry. So so sorry. Please know it has to get better and easier. And we love you!!

Sallyacious said...

Oh, honey. I am so sorry. I'm here for you. Really. I hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd checked in. I hope you're hanging in there.